The paper came from 23 to 45, 2 mcqs and 1 shorts came from 3 number mid syllabus

Q: Who wrote the world first computer program and for which computer it was written?

2: What is credit card fraud, how can it be avoided

3: Should capital letters be used while designing website or small letters?

4 : Valid/ Invalid Event handlers mention krain

5: Dos attack for 3 steps to be created

CS101 current paper | 10-09-2020 | 02:30 AM

  1. Method and properties of following system
    Math sin(x)
    Math PI;
    Math log2E
    Math sqrt(x)
    Math sqrt2;
    Math log(x)
  2. Name two presentation software other then Microsoft Power point
  3. Linuk
    Microsoft excel
    Sound drive
    Coral draw
    classify given software in Application software and System software
  4. What is credit card and how we can avoid this type of fruad
  5. Suppose you are an IT consultant of an ………. due to high energy consumption of CRT monitors they require an alternate economical solution you are require to suggest an alternate solution for the scenaio write just name
  6. Data security is one of the major issue that are being faced during the managment of data in data base there are multiple ways that assures the access of the data only by authorized people mention any five ways to enhance the data security
  7. There are various soft ware development life cycle models defined and designed which are followed during the soft ware development process write any two name SDLT models

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