CS201 Viva

What is Viva?

A viva is an educational interview in which the inspectors will be looking for an understanding of the subject matter of your thesis, an appreciation of its significance to established knowledge in the field, and an awareness of the breadth of the subject area.

CS201 Viva Preparation & Helping Materials

Here you can download CS201 important definitions and helping materials, These helping materials help you with preparation of viva.

download vu solved papers

CS201 Best Collection for VIVA

CS_201 viva Important Topics 100%

Cs201 Viva Notes By Afaque Academy

CS201 VIVA Test Questions & Answers 2017

CS201 Viva Question Share By Imran  2018

A good way to prepare for your viva is to practice.You should not simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to questions nor give a prepared exposition. Try to answer the question as it is put, remembering that you are engaged in an academic conversation.

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