Virtual University Past Papers 2024

Virtual University Final Term Past Papers 2024

Virtual University Past Papers 2024

At this Site, Virtual University Students download a lot of papers for their desired subjects, these papers help the students for their final term exams and preparation before exams. Now I will share a lot of Final term exam papers shared by different Virtual University of Pakistan Students during their Final term Exam conducted in August 2023, I think these papers mostly help you with exam patterns & solving their exam questions during VU Exams. These papers included CS101 Introduction to Computing, CS201-Introduction to Programming, CS205 Information Security, and CS206 Introduction to Network Design & Analysis. Past papers are good sources for practicing the question, helping in time management during their examinations. Before studying past papers, you should need to read handouts and relate helping materials, making notes of each subject. I am also EX- an MCS student of Virtual University and I think if u read only past papers you can 70 to 80% marks in their subjects. Here You can download CS101, CS201, CS205 & CS206 Final Term Past Papers 2024.

CS101 Final Term Exam Papers August-2023-1

Cs101 today paper (Final Term Past Papers 2024)
Mcqs overall sary handouts se hi thy 10 percent files se thy easy thy
Module 82 to 130 and 170 to 234 se tha sara
Short questions: if else statement wala question tha cgpa wali example ai thi
2: excel k formulas thy 2 unki output likhni thi
3: declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge ki definitions
4: three electronic theft likhni thin
5 aur 6 wala yaad nai attempt nai kiya itna pata wo shuru waly modules se thy
Long questions:
1: ik example thi jo ABCD wali hai kisi module mein prediction wali wo table mein positions likhni thin ABCD ki
2: ms word mein styles apply karny k steps likhnay thy
3 : varibles waly topic se tha ik jis mein integers aur floating point dono ko likna tha
Paper normal tha subjective easy tha objective thora se mushkil tha

CS101 Final Term Exam Papers August-2023-2

Long Question
1-How data base storage is better than file storage
2-Goals of machine independence
3-Steps of image uploading in image procession
4-problem solving Steps
Short question
1-clipboard command function
2- catogeries of Document software
3 – security techniques
4 – code for passing students

CS101 Final Term Exam Papers August-2023-3

MCQs main convergent, divergent or integrals main sy aaye huy thy
Short critical points, or sigma waly thy
Or long main integration by substitution or volume wala aaya hua tha

CS101 Final Term Exam Papers August-2023-4

Cs101 paper
Program and process ki definition
HIPPA or COPPA(shayad yahi tha bcz mujy ata nahi tha ais liyeh bhaol gai) stands for?
MS word Kay mcqs or long thay command batani thi
Excel kay bhi mcqs or short thay
Or aik factorial vala program tha 5 ka aus ka answer Batana tha after execution.

CS201 Final Term Exam Papers August-2023

Cs 201 exam 15Aug 9:30:
Mcqs mostly classes and pointers(conceptual)
8 to 10 MCq from handouts.
Q1:Write a program to check that the integer is positive,negative or zero using nested if else statement (3 marks)
Q2:error checking from #define macro(3 marks)
Q3:output of a program
Having pointers and reference variable.(3 marks)
Q4:write syntax of user defined manipulator.(3 marks)
Baqi two shorts yaad nahi.
Q1:What will be the output of program(very long code of class inside class)if we remove static keyword.(5 marks)
Q2:Prompt a integer number from user and then calculate product and display result using formula: product=number*2^5 also use bitwise manipulator for calculation.(5 marks)
Q3:What will be the output of given matrix(very long matrix)
Q4:Write the output of program(program of pointers and reference variable)

Morning 7:30 ka paper cs201   

Long qstion main exclusive OR operator wla ak qstion tha 5 marks ka
Bki sb programs wly ty
Or short main calloc or malloc ka syntax write krna tha
Or MCQs main inky arguments k Bary main b pocha gya tha
Class function friend function or template functions wly topics ko achy sy read out krljye ga kfi MCQs ty in main sy

CS201 at 11:00 am

5 to 7 mcqs from past papers of waqar Siddhu
Q1: difference between default and parameterized constructors.
Q2: use three variable to expose the dec, hex, and oct.
Q3, write c++ programs with three variable salary, no. Of days and rate and salary account by the formula Salary= no.days*rate Take out of no of days with the daily rate of 1000 per day.
Q4: write c++ program with 2 variable 1- calculate rows and columns 2- calculate transpose of matrix
Q5_ function of default function
Q6_ if you agree prototype of ordinary function and special function of a class are same. Justify with comment.

3 questions error find
2 questions output btane wale
2 programs
R 3 ese he short short question the Kn knse operator overload ni ho skte wo btayen Kese pta chlega k new function se memory allocate hue h ya n

Cs201 today Finalterm aug 2023


CS201 Paper handouts se tha

mostly mcqs bohat kam mcqs hi past files main se aay thy.


Short main zyada tar questions Ki out put batane the,,

ak sawal tha destructor Ki define likhen or al program dia tha os main destructor ko call karna tha,,,

calloc() function main Kitne parameters hoty hain name likhne thy on K,, Baki long questions main 2 sawal thy jin k program Likhna tha or ak question tha jis main defination likhne the void swap(int &,int&);

CS205 Final Term Exam Papers August-2023

CS205 paper 15th august
Long questions

  1. Qualities of information security head.
  2. What browsers or email should be used in an organization?
  3. What are the phases for handling a project?

CS206 Final Term Exam Papers August-2023

Cs206 15 agu 7,30 paper may zeda question stands for walay thy or kuch question wireshark ke jidhr sir wo hmin likh k dakhatay hn us k part smjyn yhi tha mcq ka paper assan lkn questions mushkil thy na aty thy na yaad rhy mujy

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