Profile of a Successful Student Of Virtual University Of Pakistan

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Profile of a Successful Virtual University Student
Successful Virtual University students

  • take responsibility for their own learning
  • are self motivated and self-disciplined
  • understand that “online” is a far more convenient way to learn
  • are comfortable and confident with written communications
  • are willing to be members of an online community
  • are open minded about sharing life, work, and educational experiences as part of the learning process
  • are always willing and open to acquiring new skills
  • are willing to “speak up” if problems arise
  • think ideas through thoroughly, before sharing them with others
  • actively and appropriately participate in class discussions
  • complete and turn in assignments on time
  • use time and resources efficiently and stay focused on the task at hand
  • approach each day with a positive attitude
  • treat others with respect and courtesy, even online
  • accept others and their points of view
  • maintain healthy professional relationships among their peers
  • cooperate and work well with others, especially in cyber-space
  • believe in collaboration and healthy competition
  • demonstrate good character in helping and encouraging others
  • use polite and acceptable language when communicating
  • are expected to demonstrate the highest levels of honesty and integrity
  • build mutually supportive relationships that assist them in pursuing their goals and dreams
  • become life-long learners
  • find valuable lessons from everything they experience
  • are willing to commit the required amount of time to their studies
  • are critical thinkers and reflective practitioners
  • believe that high-quality learning can happen anywhere, anytime
  • are active, creative and engaged in the learning process.
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